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Term 2- Week 2

Getting back into routine after 2 weeks of holidays and 1 week of swimming proved to be a challenge, but I think the kids are all happy to be back into our normal school days. In week 2 we learnt our new sounds: ‘ai’ and ‘j’. We looked at words like sail, hail, rain, tail, jump, jam, jog and jet. In maths we learnt our ‘teen’ numbers and learnt that these numbers all have a 1 at the front. We also classified activities into day and night. One of our favourite activities this week was our mothers day jewellery trees. I hope all our 7E Mums had a fantastic day and loved the presents.

It’s now week 3 already! Let’s do this!

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Swimming- Day 1

The kids had a fantastic first day back today. It sounds like they all had fantastic holidays and I was so impressed how ready and rearing they were to get back into it! We got such great work done this morning.

Swimming went well and they all had such a fantastic time. Changing time was quite chaotic as we did have some confusion over school uniforms ending up on the wrong children or in other peoples bags thinking that they were theirs. Tomorrow I would suggest that you send your child to school in trackies, a jumper and sandals or thongs over the top of their bathers. They can wear these to the pool, take them off and put in their swimming bags, then put them straight back on over the top of their damp bathers. They should then have a change of clothes and underwear in their school bag (please not in their swimming bag as it gets taken with them and can be left at the swimming centre) that they can change into when they get back to school. After some chaos and trial and error today I feel that this might be the best option for students not to loose clothes and shoes. For this week there is an exception being made for school uniform so casual clothes and casual footwear are allowed as they are more likely to recognise their own casual clothes over school uniforms that all look the same. If you get a chance tonight, chat to your child about this so that they are prepared and have better understanding. I will obviously talk to them about it also but just to make sure. Please let me know if your child has come home with something extra or something missing.

So onwards and upwards! Tomorrow should run smoothly…..maybe! 🙂


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Just a couple of reminders and info.

This Friday, the last day of term, is a casual day. Students must wear appropriate clothing and bring a gold coin donation. Also don’t forget that the first week of next term is swimming. So make sure your child comes with their bathers under their clothing. For week 1 only, students are allowed to wear clothing and footwear that can be easily removed and put on themselves. They will also need to bring spare underwear, and a warm jumper and bottoms to be able to put on top of their bathers to head back to school, as changing of clothes will happen when we return. I will post another reminder on here about swimming during the holidays, so if you are subscribed to our blog you should get an email alert.

Also, I sadly have to announce that one of our friends in 7E will be leaving to go to another school. Friday will be the last day we will have him in our class, therefore we will be having a small class party before lunch time. It will just be small and casual but will give the students a chance to have some fun and say goodbye. I will provide some snacks (fruit and biscuits) and students will eat their own lunch as they normally do, so please let me know if there are any allergies that the school has not been alerted about.

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Sports Day!

What a successful day!! We all had so much fun participating in the events on sports day. Well done to Kaurna who brought home the win. I want to say a big thankyou to all the parents who came and watched, participated, and helped. It was great to have you all there!! What a great end to a fabulous term.

2 more days till holidays!!!

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2014 Blog :)

To Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to our 7E blog. Finally I have had time to get this blog up and running again for 2014! This blog will be used to share our learning with parents, friends and family. I will be posting reminders, updates and information about our class, at least once a week, so be sure to check it often. Please feel free to leave us comments, but be sure to keep it positive and follow the blogging guidelines. If you scroll down and look to the right hand side of the screen you will see a link for you to write your email in which will allow you to subscribe to our blog. This will give you email updates each time I put new information on the blog.

As this blog was also used for 7E in 2013, you will see quite a few other posts further down the screen, please just ignore these as I am keeping them there for my own information purposes of what I have done from year to year.

Enjoy 🙂

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Our 4 legged class mate!

We have had our little friend for over a term now, so I thought it was about time we introduced him to the world. Meet Franklin. He is our class Bearded Dragon. He eats bugs, fruits and vegitables, and he loves to sit on his log soaking up UV rays. He was a great help last term when we were learning about the things that all living things need to survive. We learnt that they need food, water, shelter, and air to breath. We love having him in our classroom 🙂




Busy start to Term 4!

Wow! What a busy, but wonderful start to the term! Welcome to our new receptions who started this term. They have settled in great and have made the transition from Kindy to School with no hiccups. We are so lucky to have had Miss Davis here during week 1, while I was off soaking up the Bali sun. She did a wonderful job and I really appreciate her help 🙂 I’m looking forward to everything this term has in store. We have a visit to the kindy to look forward to, Burnsafe group this week, the end of year concert, lots of Christmas craft and of course reports! Here’s to a safe and happy term!

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Pyjama Day!

Tomorrow, the 20th of September is Pyjama Day 🙂 we ask that students bring a gold coin donation to raise money for our sponser child Salma. Make sure that the PJ’s are appropriate for school, so no singlets and short shorts. Slippers can be worn, but only inside the classroom, appropriate shoes must be worn outside. Look out for the teachers who will be dress in a “black and bling” theme. Should be a great day for all 🙂


School Closure Day

Just a reminder that this Friday, the 6th of September, there is a school closure day for the Royal Adelaide Show. So whether it be relaxing at home, or enjoying rides and showbags, have a safe and wonderful day 🙂

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Farm Barn Excursion

Next Friday, the 13th of September, we will be going on an excursion with 7 west to the Animal Barn in Onkaparinga Hills. The children will be able to experience a working farm an participate in lots of hands on activities. We will tie our excursion experiences in with the Science Curriculum- Staying Alive.

The Bus will depart from school at 9:15am and we will return by 1:00pm. Children will need to wear appropriate shoes and school uniform. They will need to bring fruit and a small snack in a named disposable bag, and a named drink.

Students will need to bring back their permission slip, their health care information form and pay their $4.50 by next Wednesday. I hope everyone is able to attend because it’s going to be a great day!

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